Our Business Focus
Active Management Deployment

Genesis Capital focuses on acquisitions of businesses exhibiting healthy cash flow and a history of profitability. We target investments that will allow us to leverage our experience to help grow the business and improve the bottom line.

In general we seek control of target acquisitions that generate annual EBITDA in the range of $1.0MM to $5.0MM but will consider larger deals in specific industry sectors. We would also entertain smaller deals in the context of a consolidation play or as a complementary acquisition to an existing portfolio company. We are open to acquiring privately owned or publicly traded companies, and are interested in targeting non-core divisions of larger conglomerates.

Genesis Capital will actively seek to partner with other capital providers in circumstances where we bring not only our own capital, but also operational experience and active involvement to the deal.

Core Businesses we WILL pursue:
Manufacturing & Distribution companies
50+ market-oriented companies
CRM-based companies
Home service businesses
Building & Lumber products
Energy & Industrial service companies
Environmental & Waste Management

Industries or markets we WILL NOT pursue:
Pure technology play
Pure commodity play

We are not interested in start-ups which have not yet begun to generate cash flow